Finally there is a clever and safe way to use an electronic tablet for the motorcycle passenger. Decide on the tablet...iPad, Kindle, Galaxy, (just to name of few) and CRUISE PACK™ will take care of the rest.  Cruising with CRUISE PACK™ is proving to be a hit with couples, parents, and even grandparents who share their ride with someone special.  It's ingenious, funtastic, and certainly a 'must have' for your next road trip!


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CRUISE PACK™ is a lightweight, fully adjustable accessory for your iPad, Kindle, or other e-tablet. It is worn comfortably by the front rider to open up limitless possibilities for the individual on back. How cool is that?

Has your passenger ever fallen asleep on your motorcycle? Maybe she reads her Kindle, or loves to text with an expensive cell phone. In the meantime you hope those valuable devices don't slip and sadly greet the asphalt. CRUISE PACK™ comes to the rescue! It safely and securely holds those devices while cruising the highway.

CRUISE PACK™ is designed for the touring couple who love to ride together! Whether it's a weekend get-away, or a cross-country trip, CRUISE PACK™ will enhance the experience.